Monday, December 22, 2008


We made about 80 cookies the day before, so there would be plenty to decorate.

I know I said I would be back and then well... we got sick again. All of us. Sebastian had a 103 temp for days, then I got sick, then Savannah was down. Tim was sick while all of us were sick. I think we are finally on the mend. I really was beginning to feel like we may never be well again. Add to that, a lot of stuff to do. Just stuff. Lots of it. I don't have anything really big to do until Christmas. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. I wanted to disinfect everything. I also made some fudge. I have one or two more things to get at the store and I have to finish wrapping. Other than that, I want to make cookies and cinnamon rolls. I would say that means I will blog and I will blog alot, but the truth is that my heart hasn't been in blogging. Not really sure why. My mom says it is because I am on Facebook now. It could be. There is more feedback there. Here, I write and never really know who is reading or what they think. I still think there is a need for myself to keep blogging. I just needed the break. I plan to come back, but it may not be tomorrow. There are so many things I want to record on my blog. Someday I want to print it out for my kids. With that I will leave you with pictures from our cookie decorating. We had a party with homeschool kids. It was so much fun and maybe it will become a tradition.

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