Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Laptop issues, etc...

Well, my laptop is acting crazy. I have been trying to save my pictures since yesterday. It won't copy them to a disc. It won't let me access the web. My next thought it to use Timmy's zip drive, but I keep forgetting to ask him. Once I save my pictures, I will probably need to wipe the thing clean and see if that helps. Did I mention I am moving in a week? Lots of packing going on. I have this magic closet. I keep taking stuff off the shelves and miraculously, things keep reappearing! I feel I may never be at the end of packing this one computer room. I did go buy some of those space bag thingies that you suck the air out of. My friend, Vickie, told me about them working so well. I got three jumbo ones. So far, I put ALL of my coat closet, two comforters and a pillow in ONE BAG! Amazing! I think I may love these bags. If only they could suck toys down and make them all lay flat. Oh, I also had two house showings yesterday. Neither seem to be interested, but at least that is a sign people are out and looking. I hope. Anyway, I would love to promise pictures and wonderful insightful posts soon, but the truth is my computer is being mean to me and I have lots of stuff to get done. I don't know when I will get to it all. Keep checking in and maybe you will be surprised! Oh and one more thing - how could I almost forget - My mom sold her place today! One house down, one to go! Keep praying!

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