Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well, hello from SC...

I have Internet and cable! Is there anymore to life? Okay, I know there is, don't panic. I have yet to take any pictures while we have been here. We have gotten a lot unpacked, but there is still a lot more to go. I think the first week went way better than I expected. I guess I didn't really know what to expect, but it was not all that bad. There are a few things I can't find like remote controls and a laundry basket. I suspect they are in Timmy's car. It is amazing how you can just learn to live without these things until you can find them. Let's see... Sebastian is finally adjusting. He was a little whiny and into everything the first few days. Savannah has been playing, playing and playing some more. She did ask to call Elizabeth one night, but then something else happened and she never did make the call. I think it helped tremendously that she had family to move to. Timmy is not doing as well, but not bad. He misses his friends. I have noticed something. I moved away from my friends when I was 18, too. When I moved, it was like I was just cutoff. It was expensive to call friends back then. I was limited to who I could call and how long I could talk. I would plan my call for weeks and then call. In today's world, Timmy hears from his friends via cell phone, text messages, im (sent to his cell phone), My Space (also sent to his cell phone), pictures and email. He knows what his friends are doing almost at the time they are doing it. I think they do this to make him feel included, but at the same time I think it stings a bit. He knows they are out at the movies or Starbucks and it makes it all too clear that he ISN'T with them. I think it is a such a blessing in one way and not so much in another. I know he will be okay, I just sorta hurt for him. Tim started his new job last week and seems to like it well enough. It is hard work, but that was no surprise. It seems to be an easy employer to work for and that is always helpful. He spent a lot of time cutting down a path to the lake on Sunday. He does seem to love the yard we have. He also burned some more boxes and stuff. Did I mention he likes to burn things? My mom and sister, Michelle, are doing pretty good. My mom is looking for a house to buy. We know the right house will show up at the right time. Michelle found her health club and already went swimming last night. She has also been walking up the BIG HILL (I should post a picture of that) with the dog once a day. Then there is me. I am fine. A little overwhelmed with things finding their "home". I like everything to have a place. I am missing Debi. I love looking out the window or into my living room and seeing my nieces and nephews. It is a great feeling. Then I have moments where I miss Debi so much, my heart just hurts. I knew this would happen. I was prepared for it. I missed her in Florida and I knew that as soon as I moved, that I would wonder how I could be here and she wouldn't be. Like everything thing else, it will work out. It is just going to take some time. Today, I have big plans to unpack toys and craft supplies. Sounds exciting, huh? Some of them have been in storage since May. It may feel like Christmas finding them all again. Hopefully, this is my return to some routine blogging. Come back soon!

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