Thursday, July 05, 2007

House pictures finally...

Okay, we got to SC on Saturday evening and began working. If you didn't see what the house looked like before we bought it - Click Here for BEFORE pictures. Oh and ignore the floor plan pictures in that link - that was the other house we were thinking about. As you can see from those pictures - the house was COLORFUL to say the least. It looked like it needed work, but when we actually came back to see it - it looked worse. Why? Well because my wonderful brother-in-law, Keith, sister-in-law, Karen and good friend, Dave, had begun the prep work. That included tearing out the carpet and mudding every single rough spot on the wall. Whew! What a lot of work for them to do for us! We were amazed and grateful! It was quite scary to see it though. Then the ceiling was painted by Keith and that sorta added more dimensions to the side walls. You really had to know it was going to get better or you would just have to sit down and cry! The first pictures below show some of the prep work that was going on. Then there are the finished (or almost finished) pictures, followed by two video clips. The video clips do NOT really show the colors right because of the low lighting. I just wanted to get a more glued together view to show my mom. We still have to finish the flooring. There are a few more boards to lay and moulding to go down as well as the shoe trim all the way around the walls. We didn't have a compressor and were running out of time. We also, of course, have to install the kitchen when it arrives. It really does look so much better - amazing what paint, carpet and flooring can do for a place!

We still need to paint his floor and finish the window trim.

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