Monday, July 16, 2007

Math Lessons

As I said in the last post... we started school last week. We started with a new math program this year. The first few days are basic review of addition and subtraction. Somehow, my lovely daughter has forgotten how to do this. She took SEVERAL hours to do a couple pages of triple digit addition. I really thought I might lose my mind waiting for her. I decided to go ahead and clean for the Open House. After all, she didn't need my help doing this basic math. Somewhere in the process of doing math, Sebastian wandered into her area. Apparently, putting tiny pony tails in her brother's hair was much more exciting than doing math. He came in and out of the bathroom I was scrubbing several time. It wasn't until like his 4th visit that I actually looked up from the bathtub and saw Savannah's work! I just busted out laughing! Sebastian loved that! He was so pleased with his new hairdo! Ahhhhh... what siblings can do to their other siblings! She never did finish that math that day. I had to make her finish it this morning.

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