Friday, July 06, 2007

Walking and stuff...

Okay, I didn't really push a car up the hill - just Sebastian in a stroller!
I am getting ready to go cut my grass on my very tiny Florida yard. It has been growing so fast and as much as I normally like cutting the grass - I haven't really felt the enthusiasm for it lately. We did a lot of things in SC while we were there. Some were things we do here normally, but there were quite a few things that we found to be different from our Florida existence. One of those things was WALKING! Yep, I do mean walking. First of all my new house is a split level. That means when you come in - you either have to go up stairs or down stairs. Or if you want to get something you will soon find that is on the opposite floor of where you are thus leading to going up or down two sets of stairs. My brother-in-law's house is a split level too. Add to his stairs the fact that, Ranger, their rather large Golden Lab, lays in front of the door and doesn't move. Next up is my sister-in-law's Karen and Jennifer. They live across the street in a ranch style house. Should be easy because there a no stairs, right? Ummm... nope! Their yard and drive way is a monstrous hill that is even more work than stairs. But - I can deal with all of these things. I will probably find I don't even notice it after a few months. Then there is walking for exercise. Something I have done for like 18 years. I really enjoy walking. I have taken each of my children on probably thousands of walks around our FLAT neighborhood over the last 17 years. We have a fairly small neighborhood with no hills. I walk around the same way 2-3 times. I don't really vary it. I just walk and say hi to the neighbor dogs and cats and am content. Karen asked me if I wanted to do for a walk while we were there. Sure! I got Sebastian in his stroller and she got Nakia (their dog) on her leash. We headed down by the lake since I hadn't really seen the lake that actually connects to my yard at the very back of it. Next we took a path to the neighborhood on the side of of ours. There were a few hills prior to this, but I did okay. The hill UP out of the neighborhood nearly killed me! Okay, I am exaggerating. I was just extremely out of breath. It is something that will take some getting used to. As hard as it was to do - I enjoyed it! Crazy, huh? It was so pretty looking down the hill on our way back and it is so quiet compared to here. I really am looking forward to these walks even if I won't be able to breathe!

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Marye said...

your pictures are fabulous!