Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My girl...

Waiting for surgery.

After surgery. Good ol' Puppy right there with her.

At the doctor after surgery - Puppy taking over.

I have been thinking about writing about Savannah since her last surgery, but we were just so incredibly busy - that it escaped me. I am still incredibly busy this week and going into next, but I decided today would be the day to write about my girl. When we found out last month that she would need to have surgery again, my heart sank. She actually took the news pretty well. I think she was more upset over missing a camping trip then she was about the actual surgery. The day before her surgery, I had to take her for pre-op stuff. Tim II kept Sebastian for me. We spent a good part of the day together - just the two of us. The next day she was scheduled for surgery. Things happened and it was delayed for several hours. I got to sit in a quiet room with her all morning and into the afternoon. It occurred to me how very rare that is. I remembered back to when I was pregnant with Sebastian. Savannah was asking me if everything would stay the same - would I read to her, etc. I assured her that it would stay the same. It didn't. Sebastian was like a rocket into our lives. We love him, but he can consume me at times. I realized that Savannah very rarely gets her momma to herself. I so enjoyed sitting with her waiting for surgery as odd as that may sound. We had a trip planned to Charleston the day after her surgery. It was with the homeschool group. I was lucky enough to borrow a wheelchair and use that. Sebastian stayed behind, so again, 3 times in one week - I had time with my Savannah. You would think that would be a lot for a 9 year old to just take off a day after surgery. Not my girl. She was a trooper through all of this. She just kept going. I have only had surgery once - a tubal after Sebastian was born. I was very nervous when they wheeled me down to the operating room. My comfort level was stretched beyond what I would have liked. I wanted to tell them I had changed my mind because the fear of surgery was great. If I felt that way at 32, I can only imagine the fear of a child. I look at these pictures of my Savannah and know that she is strong. She has faith in herself. I am so lucky to be her mom. I hope we can steal moments away here and there where I can just focus on her. It really is important - very important.

Field trip to the Tea Plantation in Charleston.

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