Monday, June 09, 2008

Pictures from the wedding, our anniversary and family...

We took these pictures after the wedding. It was just so pretty there, that I had to get some pictures of our kids. I was planning to post these this morning, we I realized it was also our 18th anniversary. I tried to find a current picture of Tim and I, but I am not having a whole lot of luck. I guess we need to ask somebody to take our picture! Anyway, it has been 18 years of marriage - today. We created this beautiful family that I am forever thankful for. Even when they are whiny and needy - er... I mean sweet as can be. What more could I ask for? As I watched Tabi get married, I was thinking about my wedding. It sure seems like such a long time ago. In some ways like it was a story that was told to me and not something I really was a part of. In other ways, I felt like we had just married. That we hadn't really already raised our oldest child. Sometimes I still "feel" like we are 18 or 19 and just beginning. Then I crawl into bed at night and feel the same familiar snuggle. He kisses my cheek in the morning as he leaves for work - I am still asleep - but I feel his whiskers. Same, familiar kiss. I realize it has been 18 good years. God has been good to us. We have been blessed. I hope for many more years of blessings.

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