Friday, June 06, 2008

The Wedding...

The wedding was wonderful! Absolutely beautiful. I don't have that great of pictures. I think the church lighting was funny with my camera. The good news is that we will be getting the professional pictures on cd. I will post some of those when I get them. I am sure they will be awesome! Actually, I came across some photos this photographer took for their engagement pictures. When I looked at them, I started to cry - they were that beautiful. I can't even put into words how special these pictures were. I only wish I had some sort of pictures like that to capture my young love. What a gift! Tabi and Caleb were very happy and it just radiated through everyone. I am so happy for them. I have more pictures of my kids from after the wedding. The location was so pretty. It was on Goodview Road and let me tell you - it was a Good View!
This is Uncle Tim to the rescue. I bet most of you don't know that my husband is really good at putting on fake nails. He used to mine as a treat. Tabi was trying to do her own nails about 15 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start. I told her I had the fix for this and went to get Tim to do her nails. What a great uncle!

My camera really does not show how incredible her dress was. I can't wait for the other pictures.

I love the smiles on their faces! Young love!

I have never experienced a real, chocolate fountain! OH MY GOSH! They are amazing! Yummy!

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