Friday, June 22, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

Don't you just wish I had some pictures to share with you? I don't *think* I have taken any in the last week or so. It seems I have been super busy for one reason or another. I can't remember what I did on Monday - it must have been something - but I can't think of it anymore. Tuesday was our last day of co-op. Wednesday we had some friends over for swimming. Yesterday was a marathon shopping day. Since gas has gone over $3 a gallon, I feel that if I am heading to what I call "way up North county" - I must take care of everything I want to do up there all at once. I had to get my oil changed at the dealership because we have a freebie thing through them. My sister said she would follow me up there and then I could just leave my car. So, me, my mom, my sister, Savannah and Sebastian left the car off and ran to Kohls. I may have said this before, but I love Kohls for clearance stuff. I mean I LOVE them! Their normal prices are really not all that great, but clearance is awesome! Yesterday I was looking for a swim suit for Savannah. Usually we are Target swimsuit shoppers. I did go there to begin with, but it seems she is getting too tall to fit into Target brands anymore. I guess I have also missed the boat on swimsuit shopping season because there was not much to choose from. Who knew that the end of June was too late for swimsuit shopping. We didn't find one at Kohl's, but we did find an absolutely lovely dress for her to wear in my niece's wedding. I can't believe I haven't posted about my niece, Tabitha, getting engaged. Now, I know I have a picture of her and Caleb somewhere - so I will try to find it and show you all who I am talking about. She asked me to get Savannah a white dress for her wedding. Then she would like her to have either a lavender or ummm... I think it is like a melon green ribbon around the middle. This dress has tiny pink roses around the middle, but I think if she doesn't like them, I can remove them and put the ribbon around the middle. It it just so pretty and the best part - it was $56 and I got it for $16! I also found her a pair of pants marked down to $5. Finally, I got me a top for $5. Gotta love clearance. Next we headed across the street to the mall. I am not in the mall much. Actually, the last time I was there was in January. I wanted to go to Sears and Penney's to look at swimsuits. I also wanted to go to Gymboree. Tim's sisters gave Sebastian Gymboree outfits for Christmas. They were a little too warm, so we returned them and got a gift card. I wanted to wait until they had sales or clearance on short sleeved shirts. Since I haven't been to the mall since January - this was my first chance to look. As luck would have it - they were having their semi-annual clearance sale. I got him 6 short sleeved shirts for more than 50% off the the regular prices. As a side note - I like the quality of the shirts - but is there really anyone crazy enough to spend $22 on a 2 year old's t-shirt? Ummm... not me! I was really okay with the $5 price tags, but not what was under the clearance sticker. Actually, before we went there we got to eat lunch in the food court. Why is this exciting? Because I really love the Bourbon Chicken place. Savannah does too - so we split a huge plate of the chicken and macaroni and cheese. YUM! We finally headed to Sears after not finding anything in Penney's and found her a very nice swim suit. I am also happy to say that they are actually ADDING material to the little girl swim suits this year. Almost all of them came with a little skirt or shorts! That made me happy! We had left the house at 10am and got back at 4:30pm. All in all a very good day. Sebastian was a trooper and didn't freak out at all. I love that he still takes naps, but I also am liking that he is flexible when he doesn't get a nap. I have been sorta glued to my house from between 1pm and 5pm for the last 33 months of his life!

Today will be busy too. We have to get ready to leave for SC. Tim's is off for two weeks after today. We are heading up to SC to work on our new house up there. We are buying wood laminate flooring from Sam's Club. He needs to take out the kitchen cabinets and tile to install the laminate. We have to find carpet for the bedrooms. Of course there is painting the WHOLE house. Keith told me he is bringing in some of his paint crew - so it could be done it ONE DAY! That absolutely amazes me! Finally, I am hoping Tim will put the white bead board wains coating in our master bedroom - like we have here. We are thinking we will be there for a little over a week. Timmy and my mom are staying here to keep everything ready for a house showing at any time. I have a list a mile long to get packed and cleaned before we go - but for right now I am blogging! I am excited about going up to see our new house, but a little nervous because Tim has never seen it. I am hoping he won't wonder what kind of drugs I was on when I said we should buy it. I am so nervous about so many things! If I were a heavy drinker - I think I would be sucking a Bay Breeze down right now. Anyway, that is my major update. I will have a computer up there, so I may be able to post "Work In Progress" pictures, but I am not guaranteeing anything. Can you all pray for a safe trip and smooth house progress? Thanks!

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