Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last of the graduation/convention pictures...

I am back to post the last of the pictures. We had Timmy's graduation party this weekend and that kept me pretty busy. I *think* we have some pictures of that too. I didn't take any, but I am pretty sure Tim did. This was my 5th year attending the convention and it was the most stressful year thus far. I really, really did not enjoy the time to go see workshops or really even browse the vendor hall. I know I am not supposed to whine here, but I am not going to end this with whining. It is just a process to get through to the end of the post. I think it was A LOT to combine my usual homeschool conference stuff with the graduation stuff. I had to be at a meeting and pick up tickets and that would not be a huge deal except the hotel/convention center takes FOREVER to get from one point to another. Add to that the hotel was not great. Don't get me wrong - it was very plush. The service was bad though. I had a whole lot of problems and that just added to my stress. Okay... whine over... all of this to say, I am glad we stayed at the hotel and spent the small fortune it costs to stay there because my son had the best time. He had a graduation weekend he will never forget. He went to the dance and had a better time than at is crappy prom. He hung out will all of his friends around the clock. I didn't have to worry he would be driving to our hotel off site late at night because I knew he just had to walk up to our room. For that - I am grateful we were able to stay on-site. NEXT YEAR - I think I will reclaim the rejuvenating part of the convention for myself. I don't know that I will take Sebastian even though he was a great trooper for so much going on. I am not even sure I will take Savannah. She didn't have a lot of play time because she had to shuffle from one place to the next. I will take Timmy because, let's face it - we arrive and I barely see him again until we leave. Each of these 5 years, I have asked myself if I really need to go to the convention. The very first year I went with Debi. Just me and her. It was pure bliss. I loved every moment of it. Then she was gone and I really didn't think I could ever go back. That first year after she died was really hard to go to the convention. I actually cried when the convention flyer came in the mail. My mom, as always, lifted me up and made me go. We had a good time. I accomplished a lot. Savannah was with us, but she was just great. THEN - my kids took over! The last 3 years have been a lot about my kids enjoying the weekend. I am all for giving my kids a good time, but I also really think I need to take some of that focus and put it back on me. I have a lot more years to homeschool. I think that 2 days out of the year it would be nice to hear some great speakers remind me of why I think this path is important. Of course all of this is subject to change. As we all know, kids have a way of changing things. Only time will tell how next year's trip to convention will look.

He's talking to me!
View from our window.

These two are a little blurry because Tim took them from our 5th floor window ZOOMING in. Savannah is in the middle of both of them along with some of Timmy's friends.

Timmy's friends Christopher and Patrick after a late night!

Awww... isn't Timmy cute?

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