Friday, June 08, 2007

My cheese steak sandwiches...

Awhile back I said I was going to write about making these sandwiches. I am finally doing it today. Of course, I have to write more than just HOW to make these. I have to tell you something to make it more interesting. First - I LOVE Sam's Club. I mean I really, really love this place. I go at least twice a month. I probably buy 75% of our food there. I know what I like to get and I love that they always have samples. I can't tell you how many things I now buy because I was able to try a sample of it first. I also love Sam's because their milk is cheaper and I buy 8 gallons of it every two weeks. A couple of months ago, I spotted this new item in the freezer case. Oooooohhhhh... could it be? A cheese steak you could make at home that tastes good? Almost too good to be true. Not only that... it is way cheaper than getting cheese steaks out. This package contains 12 pre-measured cuts of steak. I only need one for my sandwich, but Tim needs two. I will explain that more later. The package is right around $9 or so. Have you been to a Charlie's Steakery or Firehouse lately? ONE sandwich costs about $8! So, this is a bargain. I cautiously gave it a try. I brought it home and made dinner for everyone including my sister and my mom. In the end it got rave reviews! You will notice I have two pans. That is because my family is picky. They won't eat mushrooms or green peppers on their sandwich. Tim and Timmy will eat onions, but Savannah won't. I sort of compromised. I make one pan with all the stuff and one without. All the stuff... I love all the stuff! It makes no sense that I love peppers, onions and mushrooms, but I do. I am so picky. I really eat like a kid. Okay, I have always like mushrooms - that is not really new. Several years ago, I started getting cheese steak sandwiches from Charlie's Steakery. Once I noticed you could add mushrooms. Great! I started getting it that way. Then last fall when I was in an airport somewhere (Atlanta, I think), I ran to the Charlie's Steakery. I got my sandwich with green peppers, onions and mushrooms. It was so good! That was it for me. I now have a deep need for cheese steak with all the stuff.

Steak - Eze from Sam's Club
I use chicken broth to cook up the onion, pepper and mushrooms. You could use butter. I just am trying to not add extra fat and calories. Whatever works for you.

They come frozen - 4 to a pack. If you add all the stuff - one is enough for a sandwich. If you just have meat and cheese - then two would probably be better.

I cook the "stuff" until the mushrooms shrink up.

Add the steak (you can add it frozen, but I let it defrost first -usually.)

Plain pan with steak.

After it is all cooked up.

I then add shredded mozzarella cheese. You can use other cheese and it doesn't have to be shredded.

Mix all the cheese in.

Put in on your choice of bread. My mom has been making it with garlic bread, but I am trying to not think about that. I would love it, but it is more fat and calories! Don't tell Tim about this - he will ask for garlic bread.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kari - We love, love, love these at our house! Costco also carries them. I haven't thought to melt the cheese with the meat. Gotta try that. Cute pictures.

- Bev from NC