Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Checking in from South Carolina...

We made it here on Saturday evening and have been pretty busy ever since. I haven't taken any pictures as of yet, but hope to tomorrow. So far we have taken all the kitchen cabinets out, removed the linoleum, tile and subfloor, taken out a zillion floor staples and had the ceilings painted. The house looks like a wreck and freaked Tim out quite a bit the first day he saw it! We also got to Home Depot and ordered the new cabinets and countertops. We still need to go out and find carpet - hopefully tomorrow. Keith has his paint crew scheduled to come paint the walls on Saturday and I think all the doors will be painted tomorrow. Tim is ready to lay the wood laminate floor tomorrow and Friday. It is really looking like it could maybe get done on schedule, but I am not willing to say it for sure. In other news... we turned the power on to get the AC going. It wouldn't work. Keith called a friend that is in the AC business. He came out after work and found that somebody had stolen the coil and other copper parts out of the unit. How nice! We are wondering if they didn't steal a light fixture and the faucet as well. They were missing, but we didn't really think of theft. The back door and a window had been broken out, but no damage was really done. Then we found this! So, we need to see about a homeowners claim. The AC guy said he could maybe fix it, but really it all needed to be replaced to a whopping price tag of $4000! Ouch! We decided we didn't want to replace it until we moved in because it could just be stolen again at this rate. I sure hope we can get a claim for this. On a happy note, my kids are having the best time. They are so busy playing all day and just really having fun. Sebastian has been so good for being out of his normal routine. I can't believe how smooth the trip has gone. Savannah has been with Karis constantly and they even have another girl next door to play with. I really think this move will be so good for my kids. They just have so many people to play with and lots of outdoor things to keep them busy! On Monday, we went swimming all morning long. I think it was the most relaxing time I have had in months. It was just so good to feel the sun beating down on me and know that I couldn't stress too much over not selling my house for that moment. So - there you have it - the update so far. I really did try to take pictures today, but when I went back over Tim had already locked up. I was lazy and didn't want to walk back over to him and get the keys - so no pictures. Sorry!

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