Saturday, August 25, 2007

Countertop Decisions...

UPDATE: After polling my family, homeschool message boards and a few email loops... we have come to a decision. We are going with the Beige. An overwhelming majority of you choice the beige - just not my extended family. Sorry family! =)

Can you help me? We had picked two choices for countertops and now we have to narrow it down. Well, not really right this minute. We haven't actually installed the kitchen cabinets and we can't order the countertops until that is done. Some of my cyber friends were chatting about countertops on the the WTM board. That got me thinking about making our choice. Anyway, below are some photos of the two choices. Our cabinets are golden oak in color and our flooring in a medium oak laminate. I tried to find examples with that color cabinets, but my choices were pretty limited. I just left out dark wood cabinets and white ones. These were the closest I could find to oak. Leave me a comment and tell me which one you like and why. Thanks!

The first two pictures are Rosa Grey. These are both Silestone from Home Depot.

The next pictures are Kona Beige.


Sarah M said...

Tussie, I think you should pick the Rosa Stone. You should definately do a contrasting color from the wood colors in the floor and cabinets. I think the beige color blends too much. Anyway just giving my honest opinion. Oh check out my blog. I added a new post. I will be posting more regularly. Also you can see my short hair. I love you. Tell everyone I said hello.

Katrina said...

Oh, I like the beige! It'll really look nice!