Sunday, August 05, 2007

Missing again...

I have some sort of excuse, I think... My sister was here visiting - Leann it is ALL your fault that I did not blog the entire time you were here. Yes, I know you have been gone since Wednesday and I still haven't blogged. I am still blaming you. There you have my reason. Okay, I guess it is not only her. It is the insurance industry. Remember my "no whining" on my blog rule - I can't really go into ALL of the DETAILS behind why the insurance industry has kept me from blogging without coming across as whining. If you have ever had to deal with obtaining health insurance privately, filing a claim on your home owner's insurance for a stolen air conditioner coil, and getting canceled by the previously mentioned home owner's insurance due to a dead tree - then you know how much time and effort can go into dealing with all that. I *think* I have done all that I can with those three things and I am hoping my efforts will somehow take care of all of those problems. Let's see, what else? I am STILL trying to sell my house. I am considering buying a Joseph statue and planting him in the ground. My mom did that to sell our house in Illinois. It is a Catholic ritual that is supposed to help you sell your house. Hey, I have already cut my neighbor's lawn and the lawn all the way up to the front of our neighborhood to sell this house. It was long and apparently NOBODY cares! I have listed it on every site I can find. I have copied hundreds of fliers. I have advertised in the paper. I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. If getting a little statue of Joseph is what is left on my list to try, then maybe I should look into that. We did have a fun day (wet and rainy, but fun) at Busch Gardens while my sister was here. I fully intend to get the pictures off of my camera and post about it. I also have pictures of my mom's retirement party. I plan to get that up on here too. I have some goals for the week, hopefully I will get to them. Anyway, we had a decent Open House today. Two people seemed pretty interested. One of them was a man on a Harley. He had a leather vest on and I was on the phone with Tim when I saw him pull up. I have read that it is not safe to have an Open House alone, but for the most part I thought it was silly. Then this man pulled up and as stereotypical as it was... I was nervous. I told Tim to please come back from the library (like 2 minutes away). He said he was on his way and then called me when he was pulling into the neighborhood. I told him I was fine! I was FINE because this very nice "biker man" had a leather vest that proclaimed he was a "Biker for Christ"! He had many more religious patches on him and he was a very kind and gentle man! I felt so incredibly silly for even thinking that about him. It turns out that he is a corporate guy and was transferred back here after moving away 7 years ago. His wife is in GA with their 3 cats. He was so extremely nice. His ministry is to reach out to biker guys that aren't living a good and decent life of knowing Christ. Boy, did I feel silly! Anyway, I hope he buys my house! God knows I have been praying non-stop along with everyone else I know. We shall see!

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