Sunday, August 19, 2007


I should be getting ready for my open house, but I am not quite awake enough to clean the floors. Soon though - I will do it soon. Anyway, somewhere on somebody's blog I saw a question about children's names. It was something like which one of your children most match the name you gave them. It got me to thinking about that for several days after. I couldn't really say if any of my kids really fit their name or not. It just seems like that is who they are. It was just one of those questions that floated around in my head and would pop up as I was putting dishes in the dishwasher, opening mail, etc. There is a story behind each of my kids' names as I am sure there is with most. Here are each of their stories...

Timmy - Timothy Neil II - He is of course named for his dad. They share the same name. We made him a II rather than a Jr. because we didn't want him to go by Jr. all of his life. You would think that would be the beginning and end of how we chose his name. It's not. Remember we were young, very young. Tim had known from the instant we were told he was a boy that he wanted to name him after him. There was no question in his mind. I, on the other hand, was not very fond of calling him Timmy. My fear was that he would be a grown man and I would still be calling him Timmy. I tossed out the suggestion Timothy James and we call him TJ. (BTW, my best friend, Jorgena, has a 5 year old boy named Timothy John and goes by TJ. Who knew that would happen so many years later?) Tim did not like Timothy James because he wanted him to have HIS name. So, my beautiful first born son was born and he wasn't given a name right away. I spent 2 days in the hospital and we sort of grumbled back and forth about this. Finally, we named him and left the hospital. We came home to my parents house. I took Timmy and put him to bed. I came back down the stairs and sat at the table with my parents. They still didn't know what we named him. I had sort of forgot! They were staring at me, like - "Hello? Are you going to tell us the name of our grandson?" Oops! I said, " We named him Timmy." with a much ticked off voice. They were thrilled! They loved the name and had sorta hoped we would choose that. Fast Forward to 18 years later. My son is 6'3 and quite a big guy. I still call him Timmy. I can't help it. My husband is Tim and my son is Timmy. That is who he is to me. Tim has no problem calling him Tim. My mom does pretty well with it. I, on the other hand, never seem to manage it. He will be Timmy to me for the rest of his life. Oh well... there are worse things.

Savannah Brianne - Her named was put into my mind from the movie Savannah Smiles. I had seen it when I was about 9 years old. I fell in love with the name. I rolled it around in my mind for many years. When I was pregnant in 1995, I had actually chosen the name Aubrey Elise for a girl. When I lost that baby, I decided I didn't want to use that name. Savannah came back to my mind. We were driving to SC for a visit and along the way we saw all the Savannah exits. Tim is not the best speller in the world. I told him I liked that name for a baby girl. He started spelling it through all those numerous exits. S A V A N N A H - S A V A N N A H - over and over again. By the time we were past all the exits, he had it remembered. That was in September of 1995 - a couple months after my miscarriage. We had Savannah in October 1998. Before she was born, I started to doubt naming her Savannah. I was thinking about the more traditional Rebecca Lynn. Debi talked me out of it. She said Savannah was much more unique and different. Her middle name, Brianne, comes from Tim. We used to do nursery at church and there was a little 2 year old girl named Brianne in there. He adored her. She was the sweetest little girl. He would have liked to name our child Brianne, but willingly went with that as her middle name. And so... we added Savannah Brianne to our family.

Sebastian Allan - His name was a struggle. When I found out we were having a boy, I thought I wanted to name him Samuel Allan and call him Sam. Nice and simple. I thought that was it. I had decided, end of story. Not to be so. Tim had other ideas. He didn't really like Sam. We went through a zillion names. Then is his sister, Jessica, brought a friend over. His name was something that I can't remember now. I do remember he said if he could have chose his own name - it would be Sebastian. Tim liked the name right away. I didn't. It reminded me of The Never Ending Story. The main character goes by Bastian. I liked the movie well enough, but not enough to name my baby after it. Months and months went by and we still didn't decide. We sent out family email polls with options. We got 50/50 splits between the votes. I just couldn't come to like Sebastian. Savannah hated it and said it was a cartoon crab's name (Little Mermaid). Tim stood strong on his choice. The day before I was supposed to be induced Savannah and I made big signs to welcome the baby home. I was trying to take her mind off of me leaving for a few days. We wrote WELCOME HOME and then there was a BIG BLANK! We didn't know his name! We couldn't finish the sign until we all decided. Tim came home from work and the debate began again. Tim and Timmy on the side of Sebastian and Savannah and I on the other. The thing is at that point the other name was Alexander John - AJ. I don't even like that name now! I don't know why I was even considering it. Finally around 11pm, I gave in. I decided it was Sebastian. Savannah was NOT HAPPY! She cried! First she was getting a brother and not a sister, next he was due on her birthday and last he wasn't getting the name she wanted. This was a lot for a 6 year old. She softened and helped me finish the sign - Welcome Home Sebastian! Now, I absolutely love his name. Allan is for my dad. My dad was Leo Allan, but his family called him Allan. We wanted something to honor him and well... Leo just wasn't what we had in mind. And so we welcomed Sebastian Allan into our lives.

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