Thursday, August 30, 2007

Potty Training

Just look at the look - does he look like he is on board with this whole potty training thing? NOPE!

Sebastian will be 3 at the end of September. It seems as though we should be potty training him. After all, Timmy was potty trained right around 2 years old. Savannah was about 2.5. Sebastian could probably do it if his wacko mother could focus for more than 5 seconds. Last week we bought the wonderful new potty chair. I stuck it in the walk-in closet. I really didn't want to deal with it. Tim, on the other hand, has been saying "we" should potty train him for the last few months. I was even just about to do it in June, when my very smart sister-in-law reminded me we were taking a long car trip in a few weeks. Not the best time to potty train. She really had to twist my arm to give up on the potty training idea. Let me tell you it took at least a whole minute for me to just let go of that plan. Well, the trip has came and went. My next excuse was we would be selling our house "any day" and then we would be packing and taking another long car trip... all of a sudden it just seemed like a good idea to keep postponing this potty training thing. Well, 2 more months have passed and we haven't sold our house. With his 3rd birthday approaching, I started to feel the pressure of getting this done. That led me to buying the potty chair. When I went to Sam's Club on Monday, I didn't buy the huge case of diapers. My thinking was that he would be wearing underpants while he was awake, so I would just get a regular pack of diapers. Tuesday came and we had co-op. I couldn't put him in underpants there because I didn't want him peeing all over the church. Wednesday came and I decided that was THE DAY! I put him in underpants and he was not happy. He kept telling me he "DON'T LIKE THESE!!!" I put him on the potty a few times. He did nothing. He did however manage to pee 3 times. Once on top of his train table, once behind the rocking chair and once in the driveway. Then there was a pooping incident in my bedroom. I kept asking him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he would politely say, "No thank you". You gotta admire his politeness. By about noon, I was realizing we had a problem. The problem was that I was too busy. My phone line was dead, I was trying to take care of transferring a car title, Savannah had school, and the list goes on and on. I wasn't focused on putting him on the potty every hour. When I trained Timmy and Savannah... I only had them to focus on. Timmy was an only child, so of course I could just spend the time he needed taking care of that. When I trained Savannah, Timmy was visiting relatives for 2 weeks. I took those 2 whole weeks and all we did was potty train. My attempt with Sebastian was sorta lacking in attention and planning. It was sort of like - here is your potty - here are your underpants - figure it out. Ummm... that didn't seem to work for him. By 1pm, I was exhausted from all the "I don't know what the heck you call it stuff that goes on during the day". I gave in and went to the closet for a diaper. I put it on and you could see the stress lift from ME and HIM! This is not to say I won't ever potty train him. I promise I will potty train him in the near future. I promise he will not be 4 years old and not potty trained. I just think I need to move first. I think that then I probably won't be running around right away (because I would be getting lost every second). I hope this will work. I just don't know. I do know that if they want mom to not run away to the loony bin than something has to be put off. I choose potty training!

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Karen C said...

You know, some kids just up and say, "I want to use the big boy potty now." Maybe, you'll be lucky and your little Einstein will be the one. Or maybe when you move to SC you and Laurie can potty train toddlers together. Remember how Karis and Savannah decided it was fun to do it together?