Friday, September 14, 2007

Do other moms do this???

Okay, today I dropped Savannah off with her friends. Then I headed over to Super Target. Well, first I stopped at Ross. I just wanted to pop in there for a second. Sebastian found a Harley Motorcycle that he quite liked. He played with it on and off while I browsed. I had been wanting to get him a motorcycle toy for his birthday and decided to see how much he liked this one. He would play with it and then go to another toy, but always come back to the motorcycle. So, we went and bought it. All the while I am telling him he must forget we bought it and be surprised when he unwraps it! I know - I am crazy. It really is okay. We put it away in the trunk and headed to Super Target. I was going for a very specific reason. Sinus medication! My head has been pounding for days. That really bad migraine type pounding where your vision starts to blur. That was my main reason for going into Target. Tim did rub my neck last night and that took the edge off the pain, but it is still sorta there. I get in Target and find our good friend, Levi. We chat as we go to get Sebastian a cookie. I tell Levi I need ziploc bags. He walks over with me to get them. Then I remember I need anti-itch cream. Savannah has been complaining that we don't have any as if it were the end of the world. Next, I remember that I should get another lunchable. Before you tell me how horrible it is to buy lunchables... please save it. I NEVER used to buy these things. I NEVER let Timmy have them no matter how much he begged. I was a MEAN MOM! Ask Timmy, he will tell you. Last year when Savannah was at co-op, I realized all of her friends eat lunchables. I saw them on sale for $1 a piece (we don't get the ones with juice). I bought her one because I am not kidding you - it made her day, her week and quite possibly her year. Then I realized how stinkin' easy it is to throw a lunchable in her lunch box with an applesauce and a cheesestick. That made it my favorite co-op day lunch. Call me lazy, call me non-frugal, call me crazy - I don't care. It is a timesaver and makes her tremendously happy. I will say I wouldn't want her to eat them for lunch everyday, but once a week for co-op is great. Or as the case my be twice a week as it was this week. This week we went to co-op and an aquarium field trip (pictures coming soon). Lunchables are great for field trips too. So, back to my story. I realized that we had used her last lunchable for the field trip and we would need one for Tuesday. I run over and grab her a lunchable. Then I remember we need night light bulbs for Sebastian. His burned out last week and he was terrible about going to sleep. I gave him the glade plug in night light and turned on the fishtank light. The little "Monk" that he is... could not tolerate it not being his traditional nightlight. Tim actually ran over to my mom's to get a replacement bulb after the second night of Sebastian having a temper tantrum. I decided that I need to have extra on hand. This leads us to the other side of Target to get the bulbs, but before we can get there I notice the clearance rack in the little girls department. I saw a little tank type top that would work great for Savannah's pjs. She has these pjs my sister got her. She got a hole in the bottoms and has been asking me to sew it forever. I think I was mentally blocking it because the top to the bottoms is too small for her. I hated it when she wore it, but she loves the bottoms and the other button shirt that goes over it. I saw this tank and thought it was perfect to replace the too small top. I grabbed that and added it to all the other stuff in my hands because I didn't have a cart BECAUSE I was only getting SINUS MEDS! Off to get the lightbulbs. Got them and headed past the dollar section of Target. I saw yet another clearance sign and had to look. They had the Harry Potter bags half off - so 50 cents each. Savannah is having a Harry Potter birthday party. I saw these before, but passed on them. Now they are half off and a better deal. They would work great for her goodie bags. I run over and grab a hand basket and count out 7 Harry Potter bags. I decide I must leave the store before I see anything else I need. As an added bonus, the Harry Potter bags ring up at 25 cents each! Wonderful! Sebastian and I leave the store. I start to pull out of the parking lot. I take a drink of water thinking that my head slightly hurts. Then it dawns on me that I NEVER bought the SINUS MEDS! UGH! To recap:

  1. One motorcycle for Sebastian.

  2. One cookie for Sebastian.

  3. One lunchable for Savannah.

  4. One anti-itch cream for Savannah.

  5. One tank top for Savannah.

  6. One pack of night light bulbs for Sebastian.

  7. Seven Harry Potter bags for Savannah.

  8. One box of Ziploc bags for household.


How is it that I can set out for one thing for me and come out with a zillion other things for everyone else, but me?

After I finished typing the above, Tim and I went out to dinner at Five Guys. There is another Target next door to that. I told him I still needed to run in and get some sinus meds. On the way in, we saw that darn dollar section! I won't list ever item we bought because Savannah tends to read my blog and I don't want her to know. Just let me say that the list above things I bought for my kids today just grew. We also managed to get Sebastian either another birthday gift or a Christmas gift. Not sure which yet. I told Tim that if only we didn't have kids - we would have more than enough money for me to be a stay at home mom! I guess we have to have the kids for me to get that status! And... here is the BIG THING... I got my SINUS MEDS! HOORAY!!!


Kim said...

That is so funny! Sounds like my shopping trips. LOL

I'm glad you FINALLY got your sinus meds! :)

Karen C said...

LOL! I shop like that all the time but I don't have any kids to blame it on. If I don't have a list to check off, you can be pretty certain that I won't get it.