Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free Aquarium Day

Last week, we went to the Florida Aquarium. It was free homeschool day. I somehow missed that info, but my friend told me about it. We ended taking her daughter, Savannah and Sebastian. I was sorta wishy washy about going. In my opinion the Florida Aquarium is not that great. Especially if you have ever been to Sea World. Then I remembered that Savannah had not been there in 4 years. She didn't really even remember going back then. When I first started homeschooling, I took Timmy EVERYWHERE for these types of things. Since I have had Sebastian, we have not gone to a lot of these places. Now he is old enough that he enjoys them too. So... I made the right decision to go. I still think that the Florida Aquarium is great for a free day, but I don't think I would ever pay the $18 admission to get in. It is nice, but I would put my money towards a ticket at Sea World. They have added an outdoor water area for the kids to play in since we were last there. That was very cool and the kids had a blast in it. Last week was a field trip week for homeschooling. First Anna Maria Island and then the Aquarium. Most of the time, I don't stop to think about it being a "school day". I just make whatever plans and never really think other kids are sitting in classrooms. It dawned on me after our very short notice Monday trip to Anna Maria Island - how cool it was that we could have that kind of homeschool day.

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