Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A wonderful, unexpected day...

So my Tusie Karen came to Anna Maria Island this week. Remember awhile back I said that Tusie sorta means Aunt in Romanian. We called our aunts Tusie, our nieces and nephews call us Tusie and so on. Anyway, my aunt had been talking to my mom and said she would be in Anna Maria Island. My mom thought that was about 4 hours away. She called me and asked me where it was. I told her about an hour away - just over the skyway. Wow! She got very excited and asked if we could go meet her. Sure! Why not? That was on Sunday night. My Tusie had Monday and Wednesday open. We decided to go on Monday because I didn't have any realtors coming and nothing else planned. As it has turned out, I don't have anything planned for Wednesday either - but who knew? We loaded up my kids, my sister Michelle, my mom and me and headed down. It is an easy drive. I can't believe we have never gone down there before. We had to make two small trips to drop off at the place on the beach because I don't have a mini-van. My Tusie chose this little beach cafe. It was perfect. It was raining a little on and off, but we could still sit on the patio by the water. Great place for my kids to play and for us to sit and chat an afternoon away. My mom hadn't seen Tusie Karen in about 8 years. I am so glad we were able to make the trip. She is my dad's sister. My mom and her talked and talked about the old days and then all about the things that are happening now. An unexpected gift in the middle of lots of stressful things. Look at those great looking ladies!

Me with my kiddos!

Grandma and the kids dipping their toes in the water!

Savannah playing in the sand.

You mean I am NOT supposed to throw the sand?

Beach Buddies!

Can you believe this was the first time he has been to a beach and we live TWO MILES from the Gulf of Mexico? I know... bad...

There was a man set up to play music on the beach from 4-8. My Tusie spoke with him for a little while. Turns out he was from Illinois too. He went on to play Chicago. My mom and Tusie began to dance. I quickly remembered my camera would take video. This was priceless for me! When I think about my Tusie and being a little girl - I remember her buying the 45 of Celebration. She brought it home and had me and her daughter dancing on the coffee table. I thought she was nuts, but I laughed so hard my tummy hurt! I also had just told Tim last weekend about my mom and dad dancing. We were at the flea market and they were playing Run Around Sue. Both he and I said about the same time how much that reminded us of my dad. That made me think about mom and dad dancing at the club. They could dance! I was always amazed and loved to just watch them. How I wish I had a video of them dancing. Anyway, enjoy the show... I certainly did!

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Karen C said...

Wow! What great pictures. I am so glad that you had such a nice day. The video is priceless.