Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Who needs playdough when you have meatballs?

Savannah mixing up the stuff.

See why I like cooking with my kids? They are happy and not beating on each other or licking each other or screaming at each other - well you get the idea!

Sebastian kept saying "Uncle Keith" with this creation. I am not sure if he thought he made the image of his Uncle Keith out of the meatball or if he was making a meatball for Uncle Keith. I guess we will never quite know the answer to that and so many more 3 year old things.

Do you see the puppy she made? C'mon, if you try really hard - you can see a puppy!
Mickey Mouse!

Can you find the hidden Mickey?

One of my very favorite things to do with my kids is cook. I am NOT a gourmet cook at all. My family (including me) is picky about most things. I still find things that I enjoy cooking and are fun for the kids to do too. A month or so ago a friend of mine called me about my Beef Chop Suey recipe. I was telling her that it was my favorite crock pot recipe. She told me that she made meatballs with sauce in her crock pot and then made subs out of them. I had never made meatballs before. She was like it is so easy. I asked for the recipe. She said she didn't really have one. Just throw in what you have on hand. Hmmm... Does that mean I should use fruit loops or dog biscuits? I thought probably not. I did have Ritz Crackers, Italian seasoning, eggs and hamburger on hand. We went ahead and tried it a few weeks back and it was a hit. Today we decided to make it again. I got Savannah to finish up her spelling and then she did all the mixing. Then it was time to make meatballs or puppies or fish or ummm... whatever they seemed to come up with in their imaginations. I did make them wash their hands before and after and all the meatballs did turn back into traditional meatballs eventually. Next time your kids are bored - take out the hamburger - it will keep them busy for quite a long time!

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