Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

It has been a strange Halloween this year. This was Sebastian's first year to really enjoy Halloween. First I bought him a fireman costume at a garage sale. He wouldn't wear it or ANY costume for that matter. Finally, I remembered he has Cars Lightning McQueen pjs and matching sandals. So, he went at Lightning McQueen. Next, he did not want to carve his pumpkin. Nope. He was having no part of that. He took on look as Savannah scraping out the inside and said "oooohhhh groooooosssss!!!". That was that! When it got to Halloween, he didn't seem like he was going to want to go our and trick or treat, but thanks to many kids going - he went. I think he had a good time. Even if he started asking the neighbors "what kind?" as they gave him candy. That was a new one to me. Savannah, however, had a blast. She was a Indian girl. We found her materials to make a costume at a garage sale. She had a lot of fun coming up with her outfit. She also got to wear the real moccasins she made. Grandma finished it off with a feather headband. Tim II got in on the spirit too. He had a scary clown mask. I don't know how many kids we ended up with - but it was a lot. I got them to get a picture for me. Then the teens went off there own way and the rest of us tackled the neighborhood. All in all a great night!

A Happy Pumpkin Carver!

A Sad Pumpkin Carver!

Look at that frown!

Sebastian kept blowing our pumpkins out!

My little Indian Girl

Our whole group!

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