Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yesterday (Yes, it includes more Busch Gardens pictures)...

Yesterday was a perfect day in Florida. It was the kind of day that makes people leave their homes in Illinois and move to Florida. I am pretty sure that type of day had something to do with the reason my parents had to retire here. Late on Tuesday night, I decided that we should just go to Busch Gardens on Wednesday. No particular reason. I just needed to "get out of my head" as my best friend, Patty, once told me to do. I am so completely stressed over the house issues. Add to that - Monday it had been 4 years since Debi passed away. My mind was getting the best of me. It is pretty odd that a wonderful theme park is FREE for us to go to and wander around. It does cost gas money, but I think it is worth it even for the tightest of budgets. Even more amazing is that each time we go, we see something different. In December there will be Christmas shows to look forward to! I think we will try to get back at least once more, if not twice.

He is telling me all of the animals on the map!

We saw this flower with an "egg" on it.

We have know idea what kind of plant it is. My mom suggested an "egg plant"! How funny! I am pretty sure that is NOT what it is called!

This is the Sheikra Roller Coaster. If you stand right here, it comes by and blasts you with water. It is one of Savannah's very favorite things to do at the park. Sebastian cautiously includes himself. He is not as happy with it on most days! It finally occurred to me that I could share a video clip.

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