Saturday, May 17, 2008

More about my dad...

My sister posted a comment below about some of her memories of my dad. I wish my other sister and brother were into computers. They could share as well. Leann, you are right about the Christmas Eve rides. They were the best! My dad took us kids out to do donuts in the snow on Christmas Eve. Oh, ummm... I guess we were supposed to just be looking at lights. Santa would come to the house while we were gone. I loved this time with him and looked forward to it every year. I was also thinking about how on one Mother's Day we went driving around. Hey Jude was playing on the radio. He turned it up really loud. When you got to the NA... NA... NA... NANANA... part - Hey Jude - we all just started singing it as loud as we could. It was so much fun! Every time I hear that part of that song, I feel like I am sitting in the car between my mom and dad singing my lungs out. Good times. I could sit here all day and think of more things. He always went to my softball games. The only reason I played softball was because I knew my dad would come to my practice and games. He would come straight from work to watch me. All dressed in his suit and tie. His mustache. He shaved it once when I was really little. I cried and told him to put it back. He grew it back right away and never shaved it again. Great times. I was a lucky kid.

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