Monday, May 05, 2008

The ups and downs a week can take...

Last week was a draining week. Yes, I remember that I try not to whine on my blog. After all, I just wrote about that like last week. Bare with me. There will be more to this than just a whine, I promise. Last Monday morning, I woke up to our Florida tenants calling us and telling us the house air conditioning was broken again. Ugh! Absolutely not what I wanted to hear. Okay, I can deal with it. I decided to not call the AC place back that was our there last month because we had several problems with them. You are just playing Russian Roulette when you have to find an AC guy in Pinellas County. There are 800 of them and most of them are crooks. I did finally get somebody out there and the price wasn't horrible, but it certainly wasn't penny candy. It took a few days to get this cleared up. During that time, I was trying to potty train Sebastian. I realize this is not rocket science, but it may very well be the most frustrating thing I have ever tried to do. I am just plain worn out from it. It is one mess after another. Even if I were not potty training (which I may be giving up - read on), Sebastian has been - how does one say - very ACTIVE lately. He is just getting taller and bigger and into so many more things. It is one big mess after another. That brings me to Friday morning. I took Savannah to the doctor for what I thought was her last ankle appointment. The doctor comes in and says we need to schedule surgery. HUH? WHAT? SURGERY? Panic set in. My head was swirling. I don't like my baby girl to have to have anything like surgery done again. Then my brain went to her current insurance is ending at the end of May. Then she will have less coverage and this may be pre-existing, etc. I started rambling to this poor doctor and his nurses. We left the doctor's office waiting for more information to come later. I was in a fog the rest of the day. Tim came home from work. He puts his check on the counter. He was supposed to be a due a pretty substantial raise this week. A raise that would be so needed and so wonderful. I look and the raise it not there. Add to my fog. The weekend continues, mostly okay except for washing my cell phone in the washing machine and then on Saturday night or more appropriately Sunday morning, Tim II calls. He is pretty amped up and he says he just hit a deer going 70 mph on the highway. My heart just raced.

Lots of drama for that past week, huh? More than I prefer. That was the whine part. Make no mistake that I was worn out, crabby, sad, emotional and any other adjective you would like to add in there. Here comes the part that allows me to put all of this on my "no-downer" blog. Let's back up to the AC in Florida... It really does stink that we have had to pay more that what we make in a months rent for repairs on that house in the past 30 days. It stinks, but God somehow made sure we had the money. Nobody had to starve or go without this week to make sure we could tend to that house. Now lets talk about Savannah's surgery. The nurses in this doctor's office were wonderful. They got on the phone with the sometimes frustrating insurance company and got them to approve another surgery. Even though this all happened in the out of state and out of network place. They got it scheduled for next Tuesday instead of the end of the month because we are going to Florida for convention and then to Virginia for Savannah to be in my niece's wedding. They just took care of it for me. The other thing is that Savannah will be fine. She will heal from this. Her doctor is making sure she is getting the best care. He doesn't like the way the screws are affecting her growth plates, so he is taking action. That is way better than saying we will deal with it when it is really a problem affecting her growth. After we left the doctor's office, in my fog, we went to target. There was a car in the parking lot with "PRAY FOR CLAY" on the back window. I have seen this little boy on the news. He has cancer. I have prayed for him. I thought, "Wow... this is just a routine surgery. What are you in a fog about? You need to pray for Clay and get your head screwed on right!" Then we are onto Tim's pay raise. A short while after I noticed his raise wasn't on his check, Tim came out to talk to me. He said his boss forgot to include the raise on his check and he just gave him some cash to cover it this week. He handed me the cash! Okay, what was next? My cell phone. I have insurance - hopefully it will either dry out or I will get a new one. It stinks I have to get all those phone numbers again, but I have already gotten a bunch of emails with number from my friends and family today giving me their numbers. It is nice to wake up and open an email box with notes from these people. Finally, there is the deer hitting Timmy's car. Oh my! I am still just ill over this. I keep thinking what if he hadn't been okay. My sweet niece, Joanna, lost a friend from this very incident. I cried so many times yesterday thinking what if it had been different. I was a mess. It doesn't matter that he is 19 and 220 lbs. He is my baby. Just sitting here thinking of it, is making me cry. Where is the good in this? His car is wrecked. We dropped comp and collision insurance last month. Well... he is safe! He was not hurt! He called me for help! You know what else... he has the MOST AMAZING ATTITUDE! He worked so hard to pay for that car. He paid for every dime of it over these years. It is wrecked. He is still not in a bad mood. He was not crabby or anything. He was just thankful he was okay. I am proud of him. I don't think I would be so together. Heck, I was really, super ticked I washed my cell phone. I mean - I was throwing a mini-tantrum. It was a cell phone, not my car that I had put all my money into for 3 years. Heck, he still owes money to us for parts he had to have put on this winter. Nope. He didn't throw a tantrum. He just accepted it. He is growing up. The other good news is that Tim just bought an old truck. That means we have an extra vehicle for Timmy to drive until we figure out what is next. We had no idea when we bought that truck, we would really be needing it. So, there were lots of ups and downs this week. Each time I was down, I found myself just praying. Praying and praying some more. I didn't know what else to do. God took care of each of these things. No, some aren't exactly the way I would like. I really don't want Savannah to have surgery. I really would like Timmy's car to be just fine. They aren't perfect, but they aren't unimaginable. We can live with them. Somehow, God is working it all out. I am still praying about potty training. I don't have any silver lining story for that one. I bet you were all hoping I was going to to say - POOF! On Friday, Sebastian was fully potty trained. No such luck. I guess God can't answer all of my prayers in a week. Maybe this week?

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