Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday pictures...

Yes, I realize my birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I just went to look if I had any pictures to blog about. Surprisingly, I haven't been taking a ton of pictures like usual. I really only had about 2 choices of things to blog about. I am still working on a blog post in my head that I am just not ready to post yet. We are also heading out strawberry picking today, so I KNOW I will have pictures to post about that. My mom had a birthday party for me at her new house. I had a great time. I was sorta nervous about having a birthday party here because there are A LOT of people now. It sorta intimidates me that everyone would be coming over because it was my birthday. It reminded me of when I was in grade school and the music teacher would parade you around the big class sitting in a circle. She would wave your arms in the air while they sang happy birthday. Then she would give you birthday spankings. I was always thrilled when my birthday fell during spring break and I missed that kind of excitement. I know this isn't an exciting post. It is something. It shows all the wonderful people in my life.

Tim took this photo and cropped it.

My mom got Karen a thank you gift.

A portion of the "crew".

My family! =)

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