Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A serious note...

I have debated on posting this, but I think I need to. In case any of you happened to read some rather nasty comments on my blog lately, I thought I might address them. When I started my blog 2 years ago, I wasn't sure what I would be blogging about. I had read some other homeschool moms' blogs and really enjoyed them. I took something away from each one. It may have been a simple recipe or a really inspiring moment of faith. I just knew I liked the whole idea of blogging. I was also still trying to work through some feelings of loss and found that if I blogged, I felt more steady. When I created my blog, I decided that I wanted to highlight "blessings" in my life. I had ran across some blogs where the author spent a good deal of time complaining about something. I am not saying complaining is all bad. Some blogs are specifically meant for that purpose. I am sure I have complained a time or two (or three) on my blog. Honestly, though, I try not to. It is not that I have a "perfect" life. If you followed any of my posts from last year, I would think you would see my life was far from perfect. It was a struggle on some of those days and weeks to keep my hopes up and find a blessing to post about. That is why I call it Crazy Everyday Blessings. It is to try to find a blessing in every. single. day. I posted once about how my blog got its name - click here. That brings me to the comments that have appeared on my blog. I have deleted them because they were hurtful. Not only to me, but to my mom, my sister and my husband. I could have just deleted them and let it go. I actually did that last week. Then I didn't blog for a whole week. I didn't blog because the comments stung. It made me not want to come to my blog and write anything. Tonight, I found another nasty comment. It was mean and was directed at my mom's new home. The new home that my mom loves. The new home that Tim's family - my family has put so much work into. I decided that sometimes when somebody is mean, you have to call them on it. This person that keeps writing nasty things is my brother's mentally ill girlfriend. I say mentally ill because she is indeed mentally unstable. My family has dealt with her for the past decade and it only seems to get worse. She has caused my family so much pain and probably doesn't deserve an ounce of my time. But... for whatever reason... she is reading my blog. So, Linda, I have put my blog on moderation. Your comments will no longer appear. I will not allow you to take a place I have made peaceful for two years and turn it into a sick place. This is a place for blessings. The kind that include an egg hunt with Grandma or a garden with daddy. You are welcome to come here and read and maybe something will inspire you. You are not welcome to post negative and awful things. Linda, please respect that my family has moved far from you and we have asked nothing of you. You are free to live your life, but please leave us alone. Okay, now we can go back to my regularly scheduled Crazy Everyday Blessings.


Proud mommy of four said...

hi my name is Joy,
I am so sorry about what you went through with some bad comments that you recieved on your blog. It is a shame. This should be a place where you feel free to write whatever is on your mind or in your heart.
I understand all to well what it is like to have a mentally ill family member make life so hard and ugly that you have to walk away. I pray she leaves you alone now.
Just thought you would like to know you have support even if from a perfect stranger.
God bless
Your blogs have always been a ray of sunshine in my day.

Kari C in SC said...

Wow! Thank you so much for commenting. I am so glad to hear from somebody that enjoys my blog. That is what I always intended it to be. Something share some joy with others. I went to your blog and it add it to my list of blogs I read. Thanks again. I really, really appreciate it!
Kari =)

Karen C said...

So sad that people were leaving bad comments on such an upbeat blog. Glad I don't know her. I still love your blog even though I live across the street. Keep blogging!

Kim said...

I'm glad I missed those ugly comments. I'm sorry they were hurtful. :(

I love reading your blog and probably check it a couple of times a week for updates.

Keep blogging Kari!