Friday, April 25, 2008

Lemonade Stand...

Savannah has been asking if she and Karis could have a lemonade stand all week long. I bought a big thing of Country Time a few weeks back. Then I brought home a baby bottle from church. We are supposed to fill it with spare change that will be donated to the crisis pregnancy center. Somewhere along the line, she decided it would be good to have a lemonade stand to donate the money. Ummm... then she sorta thought maybe half of the money. Silly girl! I am leaving it up to her. I ran out to Walmart to get them some cups today. While I was driving there, I got to remembering having lemonade stands when I was a kid. I have mentioned my best friend, Patty, before. We lived next door to each other from the time we were 2 until we were 18. We were always together. When I was blessed with a baby girl, I almost immediately began wondering if she, too, would find her "Patty". Tim used to joke with me that I was always looking for her "Patty". I did, too. When she was about 3, I started going to homeschool co-ops and park days. If you homeschool and don't have a lot of kids, you have to find other kids. We didn't have a lot of neighborhood kids. The kids that did live there, were gone all the time. I got Savannah in girl scouts to find friends and she did make amazing friends there. I stopped worrying so much. When we decided to move to SC, we originally were thinking about building a house. Then the house next door to Tim's brother came up for sale. It wasn't the house I was dreaming of, but it was NEXT DOOR to family. My mind went right to living next door to Patty. Savannah and Karis have been friends as well as cousins since the day they were born. Debi and I tried to get together a few times a year. We were always talking about "the cousins" year round to keep them connected. The girls would play together and have a great time. They really always got along. Tim II and his cousin Sean (3 months younger) never got along as well as Savannah and Karis did and still do. Moving next door was just icing on the cake. I loved looking out the window this afternoon and see them having a simple lemonade stand. It just gave my heart that warm and fuzzy feeling. I am so glad we moved in next door.

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