Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My new couch...

This is my new couch. It is sorta a birthday present to myself. We only had one living/family room in Florida, but we have two in South Carolina. So, we needed more seating. We were using my mom's furniture while she was living here. For some reason, she thought she needed to take her furniture with her to her new home. The picture doesn't really show how POOFY the couch is. I posted on the Well Trained Mind message board asking if the POOFINESS would go away. It is really comfortable and matches well. It is just, well... POOFY! I ordered it on the computer without seeing it in person. I have 48 hours to decide if I want to keep it. Tim came home for lunch and said he thought it would break in fine. I guess I will believe him and just keep it.

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