Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An Easter Hunt...

Savannah fell on her ankle after church on Easter. I can't remember if I posted that or not. I don't want to go look back to see if I did. Anyway, she fell ON HER ALREADY INJURED ANKLE. I had her keep it up and on ice the rest of the day. Due to this, we had to postpone Grandma's traditional Easter Egg/Toy Hunt. Last week, my mom closed on her new home. She isn't moving in just yet because of paint and flooring being done. We spent Friday afternoon hanging out in the backyard waiting on the cable guy and carpet guy. We had to stay outside because Keith (Tim's brother), Karen (Tim's sister) and Dave (good family friend) were in the house priming it with oil based primer. I got my handy dandy fold up blanket out and we set out to have an Easter Hunt. I really wanted to do it at my mom's because the ground is more level. Savannah would have had a tough time on crutches in my yard. They had a blast finding the TOO NUMEROUS gifts. When they were done hunting, they played and ate candy. Then they moved on to the real reason my mom bought this particular house. The sandbox. I am telling you that swayed her decision. I really only thought we would hang out for maybe 2 hours tops. As it turned out, we were there the whole rest of the afternoon. They were just having so much fun. I did sneak away to clean out my car. I have such a "mom car"... one big pit of junk. I am excited that my mom has such a nice fenced backyard. I think the kids will have so much fun playing when they are visiting with Grandma.

Savannah checking out her stash.

Sebastian loved his light up lolly pop!

The "real reason" my mom bought this house.

Karis caught a ride with her dad and came to play too.

What a silly boy. I think he has sand in his mouth. I know he had sand everywhere else - including his diaper.

When we got home, I gave him a bath and put jammies on him. Even if it was only about 6pm. I went to work vacuuming the whole house and just generally super cleaning because we had company coming the next day. I kept thinking I was really getting a lot done quick. Then I finally realized he had gone sound to sleep on the couch. Amazing how much cleaning you can get done when you are not being interrupted by a very busy 3 year old. He was completely out cold. I tried to wake him up, but no luck. That is what a beautiful day at Grandma's can do to you!

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