Monday, March 31, 2008

My smart boy...

Yes, absent again. Sorry, no real reason. Just not in a blogging mood. I do have pictures and stories that I want to share. Maybe during this rainy and dreary week. Something that quickly comes to mind and does not require me downloading any photos is a cute story from last week. Sebastian opened my laptop. He then opened Firefox and used the pull-down history to find the Petfinder site Savannah had been on earlier that day. She was looking for a puppy for grandma. He wanted to look too. Mind you, he did this all on his own. No help from me. He was finding puppies in no time. He kept telling Grandma to come look and to please call about this one and that. Then he asked if we could get a puppy. I told him that we could only get a puppy if he didn't wear diapers anymore. To this he replied, "Mom, it doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!" I told him that it did, INDEED, matter. I told him if he ever wanted me to even think about getting a puppy then he would need to not use diapers anymore. His reply... "You are just trying to fool me!". Yes, my smart boy, I am just trying to fool you! Silly me! Oh, Sebastian, you can find a website all on your own, but you can't use a potty? On the same note with potty training - (hey what else do you want me to talk about?) that very same day I had told him I would give him a hundred kisses if he went poop in the potty. He seemed very interested in this. He went pee in the potty and I gave him 3 kisses. Then later he tried to poop, so I gave him 5 kisses. All of a sudden he is pooping just the tiniest bit in the potty. It seems to be all because he wants those kisses! Who knew that was all he really wanted? Not a toy from the big toy store, not special candy, not underwear - just more and more kisses from his momma. My sweet boy!

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