Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The view...

I am sure that South Carolina isn't the most beautiful place on Earth, but there are times when I think it is just so pretty. Yes, I realize, that I lived in the Sunshine State for over 17 years. And many, many parts of Florida were pretty. I do, somewhat, miss everyday having total sunshine. I keep reminding myself that I don't miss it being 90 in March. South Carolina has more cloudy days than Florida. It is cooler than Florida, but really not all that cold. We have only had a handful of days where I was really not liking the cold. I don't even know if it is a handful, maybe 2 or 3 days since we have been here. It does get colder at night. The sun goes down and the temps drop. The good part of that is when it is a little warmer during the day, the evenings and mornings will be great. I have been able to go out walking in the middle of the afternoon. In Florida, I was limited to evenings because it was just too hot in the middle of the day. I do know that the summers in South Carolina are hot. The thing is that we were here in July and it wasn't too bad. Like I said, the mornings and evenings were great. It was just the middle of the afternoon that was bad. I love looking at amazing blue water of the ocean. Florida doesn't really have the pristine look of the islands. Once I saw that kind of water, Florida's water just didn't have that awe inspiring look. I have always loved trees and mountains. We don't really have mountains here in South Carolina, but we have lots of trees and hills. And horses. Really pretty horses! I snapped a few of these pictures so you can see what I see.

These are from my dining room window. It's looking sort kitty corner over my backyard towards the lake. Once the trees go into bloom, we won't have much of a view of the lake. It is really pretty in the winter though. I love coming out in the morning and looking over the lake.

This is at the top of our street coming down to our house. The picture really doesn't give you the feel of it. Not sure why. It is a pretty big hill and the view over the trees is amazing! Maybe I need to zoom more. I will try that sometime this week.

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