Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beef, It' What's For Dinner...

Last week, I went to Sam's for my usual grocery trip. The difference was this time I bought a case of ground beef. A case contains 80lbs! There are 8 rolls weighing 10lbs each. I think my extended family thought I was a little crazy. The thing is that Tim and I bought a freezer for this house. Our intention was to stock our freezer with great deals. I had been watching the case price per lb on my last few shopping trips. This particular week it was down to a $1.52 a lb. That was a pretty decent savings. When we first moved here, my mom and I also got hams for about half price. We got 5 of them. After thinking about it, we both wished we had gotten 10. We are still a little new to having a deep freezer. My hope is that when we buy things at lower prices we not only save now because of the lower price, but possibly will save more later. With the cost of things increasing each day, this potentially could be even more savings. I could be wrong, but for now at least I know my freezer is packed with ground beef and a couple hams. We have talked about buying a half or quarter cow next year too! Next up - a case of chicken!

This is what it looks like in the rolls. There are 6 of the 8 there.

This is 60lbs rebagged in smaller portions.

This is 13lbs of meatballs cooked and ready to pop in sauce for subs!

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