Friday, March 21, 2008

People are gonna wonder...

So, my kids are genuine accidents waiting to happen. One is breaking her ankle, the other is skidding on the pavement with his face. Honest, I am NOT ABUSING THEM! I was getting worried to take them out in public. This is how a typical meeting with a stranger goes... Stranger says, "Oh, honey, what happened to your leg?" Savannah proceeds to tell her story for the hundreth time - "Trampoline, landed wrong, crunch, hospital, surgery, full leg cast, stitches out, half cast, no cast, on crutches for 4 more weeks, doesn't really hurt anymore...." Then stranger looks at Sebastian. Stranger, "Hey buddy! What happened to your face?" Sebastian says, "Errrrch, crash! Boom! I cried, I cried, I cried! Running, stroller, zoom! Crash! AHHHHHH!!! I crying! I crying! I hurt my ANKLE! My ANKLE! OH IT HURTS! MY ANKLE IS HURT!" Sebastian also demonstrates the whole incident with great enthusiasm. What you will see him do is run as fast as he can and then he pretends the stroller gets away from him and he crashes. That is pretty much what happened. He was running up the hill pushing his umbrella stroller. He lost his balance and went sliding UP THE HILL with his face. He also got a few dings on his wrists. NOTHING on his ankle. The boy insists he hurt his ankle though. Hmmm... me thinks he is a wee bit jealous of sissy. I am looking forward to a time with no marks, abrasions, bruises on any of my kids.

Half Cast

No cast - still not off of crutches for 3 more weeks though. She was bummed about that. She really thought the cast would come off and she was done. She is having a tough time moving it. She is supposed to move it up and down and side to side 20 times each - 3 times a day. That isn't happening as much as it needs. I am hoping this next week will be better. Oh and I did ask how many screws were in her ankle and if she would sound the alarms at the airport. He said she had 2 screws that would stay in place and she could possibly sound them, but not really something to worry about.

This picture doesn't really give his injury justice. It actually kept looking worse as he would scratch at it and make it bleed each day. Gotta love this child, right?


karen C said...

That picture of her half cast is like a Norman Rockwell painting. You got the one scuffed black tennis shoe topped by the army green shorts, casually flung to the side but then the exposed painted tonails sticking out of the decorated cast on the broken side. Looks symbolic for tough on the outside and tender on the inside. Very cute!

Joy said...

Hello, my name is Joy
I sooooo connect with kids getting going from one injury to another. I have 4 kids all boys 2-18 years old. Over Easter my little munchkin stood up under a table an nailed his head, then 5 minutes later fell on his John Deer iron tractor (face first of course). Wouldnt you know I had to take him to the doctor the next day for a hang nail. Here is doc "Whaaaaat Hapened?" Oh brother (laughing) we get the same thing perfect strangers come up and ask my 2 year old what happened to his face? Hello your a stranger!!!
God bless

Kari C in SC said...

Joy... on Easter, Savannah, fell ON her already injured ankle. It swelled up and scared me to death! Then, Sebastian, managed to ram his walkie talkie antenna right under his eye. Now he has a black eye! It never ends! LOL!

Jenn, not Jenny said...

LOVE the re-enactment the kids give. HilARious! I can just see my 6yos doing that.