Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Creepy nice...

Yes, that is what people are here - CREEPY NICE! We have noticed something since we have been here. People are nicer. They help you out and they really seem to want to do it. I know it sounds corny that there is some kind of Southern hospitality or something like that. Believe me... I kept thinking it was just a fluke. In the first week or so, a few people were really helpful. They had smiles on their face and seemed to really care about being kind. I shrugged it off. Figured it was just because I was in a new place and noticing things more. Then Savannah broker her ankle. The people were amazing at the hospital. Not ONE of these people from the Urgent Care to the Hospital were the least bit crabby or unkind. When Savannah was going into shock in the waiting room, she began to vomit. I was in the back filling out paperwork. Timmy was with her and taking care of her like a great big brother. Still, there was a mom in there waiting and she quickly came to help him out till I got there. Just so nice. One night, Tim and I were at Lowe's trying to load this incredibly heavy storage cabinet in the trunk of our car. It was just so heavy that I could seem to hold the cart still while Tim pulled it off the cart. The next thing we knew, a man drove up beside us. He jumps out of his car and in his best Southern drawl he says, "Let me help you with that, sir!" Tim was just taken back. He helped him get it in the trunk and then Tim said he could take it from there. It was being a pain and not sliding all the to where it needed to be. The man was like, "No, sir, let me help you get it done." Wow! Creepy nice! Later on that week, I was taking Savannah to the doctor. I had a different somebody hold doors, elevators and one even came running over to open my car door and offered to help me get her in the car. I was in Walmart, trying to reach Sierra Mist on the very top shelf in the way back. A man came over and offered to get it for me. Just like that. I was at 5 Guys and a Burger last week. I walked over to the soda fountain. There were two men filling their drinks. They saw me and they both stepped aside and told me to, "go ahead". I told them I was actually just looking for napkins. The one man told me they had them behind the counter. The next thing I knew they were both going over and asking for napkins for "the lady". Wow! Tim's boss has been just so kind to him. We keep wondering what the deal is with that. I am sorry, but nobody cared if I needed to refill my drink or get napkins in Florida. Nobody cared if my daughter had a cast up to her bottom and I was trying to get her into a car. Nobody cared if we were getting something really heavy from Lowes and needed help loading it. People were busy and in a hurry there. My friends cared. They are wonderful, helpful people. The vast majority of people in Pinellas County were not all that concerned if you needed any help. There are other things that have happened since we have been here. These are really just a few. It seriously happens every time we leave the house and actually, I had a phone call for my sister yesterday. The lady was very nice and chatted with me for quite awhile. I am guessing at some point, I won't be walking away from these small (but big impact) kind acts saying, "Wow, creepy nice!" At some point, it will just feel like home.

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