Monday, March 10, 2008

Tim II, Grandma's, and Derek's birthday...

Last week we had 3 birthdays! Yes, I said 3 birthdays! This week we have two more! Then we have one more at the end of March. It is a busy month for birthdays. No lack of birthday treats. On Wednesday night, we celebrated Timmy's and my mom's birthday. They actually share the same birthday. I made pizza bread for everyone. Karen made cheese cake for Timmy and I made a German Chocolate cake for my mom. I think it went pretty well considering it was my first attempt at a family birthday party for about 20 people. I guess it was a dry run for cooking this weekend for Tim and Karen's birthdays. It was really nice to have a houseful to celebrate. Derek and Savannah went all out with decorating too. I don't think anyone will ever feel lonely on their birthday in South Carolina. Not a chance!

This is Kameron. They are friends that live around the corner that are really more family! Laurie and I have decided that Kameron and Sebastian will be best friends even if they don't want to!

Timmy, Karen, Jennifer and Derek

Happy Birthday Timmy and Grandma!

My sweetie!

Our surprise gift for Timmy. He has some wierd obsession with The Nightmare Before Christmas!

My mom opening her gifts.

Vilma being silly with her dad.

Me and my firstborn... where did all the time go?

Haley and Jay

Derek's 11th birthday.

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