Wednesday, April 09, 2008

FPEA Homeschool Convention

I don't have much to blog about, so this is came to mind. I have written each year about attending the HUGE homeschool convention in Florida. I really wasn't sure if we would continue to go since we moved. The truth is that I don't really NEED to see any curriculum close-up. Sure, I would like to see Math-U-See again, but they do have demos on their website. I am pretty decided on most things for next year. The thing is that we miss our friends and a lot of them will be attending the convention. It makes it easy to visit everyone in one place. So, because of this, Savannah and I will be heading to Florida. Tim II is actually going too, but on his own. He is going to spend a week between the convention and "home". I am using this convention thing to convince Savannah she needs to get up her feet as soon as the doctor says it is okay. I keep reminding her how far it is to walk at the hotel and how she will want to be running around with her friends. My mom and Tim are going to keep Sebastian for me. That will make the whole thing much easier. I am getting excited thinking about a few days with just Savannah, me and our friends. I *may* try to leave a day earlier and go back "home" so Savannah can see her friend Serafina and I can see my friend, Linda Linda Bo Binda (yes, that really is her name). I haven't talked to my mom just yet. Hey, mom, if you are reading this... what do you think? I know - I will owe you much chocolate for watching Sebastian for an extra day. Okay, more than MUCH CHOCOLATE - EXTREME AMOUNTS OF GHIARDELLI CHOCOLATE! If you want to know more about the convention - click here FPEA Homeschool Convention. If you would like to know about Ghiardelli's Ice Cream - the place Savannah and I will consume much ice cream and about the Keds Outlet - the place I replace my beloved tennis shoes - click here Ice Cream and Shoes (what a mix!). Now, I must shower and head out to the mall with my children! AHHHH!!! I need to get some shampoo and conditioner from the the Bath and Body shop. Then I have to go to Sam's - it seems everytime I buy food - they eat it.

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