Saturday, August 26, 2006

Crazy Everyday Blessings

Hey, isn't the title of my post the same as the title of my blog? Why, yes, it is! As I was driving to work yesterday, I was thinking about an im chat I had with my brother-in-law the night before. And... yes, for those that read my blog a lot... I do tend to think A LOT on my drive to work twice a week! I guess it is because I am alone and have quiet. Anyway, I had been chatting on AOL with Keith and he had asked me if Tim and I had thought anymore about moving to SC. My reply to him was not really a simple one. It went something like this...

Tim II has teenage drama going on with his best friend of forever and forever. It is making me nuts and I wish he and Patrick would just make up. It is all over a girl Patrick likes and he can't seem to figure out how to be with a girl and still be a good friend. I hope he figures it out soon because it is sure hurting my heart.
Savannah is not happy because I put her in homeschool PE and she is the ONLY GIRL and how on earth could I do that to her and ruin her life?
My niece who lives in Virginia is planning a WINTER WEDDING in Missouri and we are in Florida... How can we help her plan something that is over three different states... will the airline tickets go down, will the weather be good, etc...
Sebastian has been sooooooo incredibly busy and into everything. He opened a pocket knife, ate some glue stick and dumped the whole silverware drawer in LITERALLY (I am not kidding here) 2 to 3 minutes.
After I typed that answer to Keith, he came back saying I sounded "worn out". Which I guess I am, but what mom isn't? The truth is that none of these thing are earth shattering. Okay, it will be really sad for me if Timmy and Patrick don't heal their friendship. That may be on the very slight level for me as a serious problem, but the rest are just normal things. These are the things that take up the conversations Tim and I have. Should we be talking about moving and possible future plans? Sure! But, the truth is that right now, for this season, we are talking about the above and maybe sometime in the not so distant future... we will talk about some bigger things. That brings me to my titles - Crazy Everyday Blessings - and what it means. My title sprang into my head when I started my blog and I knew it was the right one for me. My life is usually somewhat Crazy. It is definitely Everyday. And finally I want to try to look at things at the blessings they are - even if they are the things I listed above. These are the blessings I can find in the things above.
Tim II has a compassionate heart. He really cares about people. He has been friends with Patrick since he was 5 years old and though it hurts to see him hurt, I am glad he is the type of guy that would hurt if he was missing his friend. That means he is a good person and I am blessed with that.
Savannah didn't like her PE class and I felt dumb that I hadn't thought she might be the only girl in there. It turns out another girl started this week and Savannah had a blast with her! Another blessing. Not to mention that if I can put Savannah in a PE class, then that means she is healthy enough to run and play and do all those things. That is a huge, huge blessing indeed!
My niece, Sarah, getting married ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME is a blessing because she is happy. The summer before this one, she sat on my couch saying she would never find THE ONE and now she has. It is also a blessing because she asked us to be a part of her wedding and that is a special request and for that I am thankful.
Sebastian getting into everything... where is the blessing? Again, I could go with the easy answer that it means he is healthy and he can get into everything. The not so easy answer is that I can look at his little mind moving and I know he is going to make my life interesting all the rest of my days. I will have memories and stories to tell and all because God put him in my life. That is a blessing!
Yes, there are times I am worn out and yes there are times when I feel like I will lose my mind, but in the end these Crazy Everyday Blessings are exactly what I have always hoped my life would be.

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