Saturday, August 05, 2006


Do you all remember the post where I told some of the many things I love about my husband? One of those things was that he buys me chocolate. This evening, we had the not so brilliant idea of watching movie before the kids went to bed. Now, if it were a kid movie, that probably would have been fine... but it was not all that interesting for kids. So... they were not super quiet and content. I, however, was enjoying the movie. I really wanted to HEAR it! Let's just say I was ready for bedtime and quiet. Tim must have got the idea when I clenched my teeth and said "TIME FOR BED" and off he went to buy some chocolate! What a sweetie! I think I will keep him and oh... they are asleep and it is quiet! Ahhhh... I love bedtime and chocolate.

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Donna Boucher said...

My husband and I often turn the English Lang. Captions on a movie...if we are silly enough to watch it while Katie is still awake.

It works :o)