Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wedding dress shopping...

Before I write anything on this topic, I want to stress that NONE of these pictures shows THE dress that Sarah will be wearing. Just in case on the off change her groom would see the photos. These dresses were the runners up to THE dress. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blog post. My nieces, their brother, their mom, her husband, and two boyfriends visited all last week. During that time we stole away and went wedding dress shopping! Wow... it was fun! Sarah tried on 5 or 6 dresses. Her sisters tried on several bridesmaids dresses and even Savannah tried on a few dresses for fun. None of the dresses Savannah tried on really suit her age, but she had fun being all girley with the others. In the end Sarah found the perfect dress. My mom, Grandma, bought it for her and yes, I forgot to take pictures of the actual purchase because I was about to cry! I don't know why, but I am sure been a weepy soul this last week or so. Oh and I don't have any shots of Tabi except with Sarah in THE dress. Darn! Tabi looked so pretty, but you will have to wait till after the wedding! Anyway here is a little photo shoot of our day out shopping! Enjoy!

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