Friday, August 04, 2006

Christmas in August???

Well, not really... but I did just get back from rubberstamping Christmas cards! A friend of mine, Melissa, made her own cards last year. I absolutely loved them, but for some reason have been quite intimidated by rubberstamping. About 11 years ago, my sister-in-law, Debi, tried to get me interested in the whole rubberstamping hobby thing. I just didn't really do well with it. Next she tried scrapbooking and that did finally click with me! Anyway, back to the present... so Melissa made these wonderful cards. We joked about how I wanted to make some next year, but I would need to do it early or I would be too stressed to get them all done. Much to my happiness, Melissa bought stamps to share and ordered me the cardstock I needed. Then she cut all of my paper to size and folded it. She walked me through the whole process and I did it! I completed 40 cards in one evening! I am so excited. I would love to post a picture of them, but some of you are getting these in the mail in a few months... no peeking! Anyway, I am so happy she helped out and I got really nice cards done. Do you think it is too early to mail them or would that be silly??? (Okay, I am not serious, well... maybe a little, but I won't mail them yet!) I just have to remember where I am going to put them... note to self... top shelf of book closet. Don't forget to mail!

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