Monday, July 31, 2006

Thankful... CAUTION - This may contain TMI (too much information) for some! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Okay, so today I have been feeling thankful. Huh? Why? It is not Thanksgiving. This is sorta a long, TMI post, but I am going to post it. It sure is easier to write stuff than to SAY stuff in person. So, here is the deal. I have been sick. I said earlier that I had a sinus infection. Then I got a cold. Well, next I got a urinary tract infection. It started on Friday and progressively got worse by Sunday. I TOLD YOU IT MAY BE TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!! I was surviving on Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday I was thinking I may just die of this. Apparently I have never had this type of infection before because I had NO IDEA what to expect. In case some of you are wondering just what is so bad about it... the deal is that you feel like you need to pee literally every 2 minutes. And it hurts! Again, TMI! Okay, okay, why am I thankful for that? I had 16 people coming for a bbq at 3pm yesterday. At 1pm, I was pretty frantic. How was I going to entertain if I felt like I needed to spend the rest of my life in the bathroom? I Googled for information. I was already drinking water, cranberry juice, cranberry tablets, and yes... I even drank vinegar mixed in water. YUCK! Then I found Uristat. The reviews were great. This is my first part of thankful... I was so thankful I had Google. What did I do before Google? Next, I was thankful that I had a husband to watch the kids while I made a MAD DASH and I DO MEAN MAD DASH to Walmart to buy this stuff. I was also thankful that I had a car to take me there and didn't even flinch to zip my debit card to buy the $8 medicine. Next I was thankful that this Uristat works and it works FAST. Super fast! I was feeling so much better by the time my guests began arriving. Hey, wait a minute... I am not done being thankful. I made it through the rest of Sunday and woke up this morning to call the doctor. I knew I needed to come in because I don't have a nice doctor that will just call me in something. That leads me to being thankful that I have a telecommuting job. I am able to change my schedule around to run for a quick doctor appointment. And I am thankful that my mom was willing and able to babysit my kids and that my sister brought my mom over to babysit. (My mom doesn't drive.) That saved me the time of loading and unloading the kids. I am thankful I have insurance that covered the office visit and I am thankful I had the $20 copay and $10 prescription cost. And, FINALLY, I am thankful those WONDERFUL antibiotics work quickly! Now, if I can find the good in a urinary tract infection then I must be able to look on the bright side of most things!

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Karen said...

Glad you are feeling better. With just a $20.00 co-pay, I would have gone in for the sinus infection! Check out my blog on "gambling". LOL!