Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fourth of July (a little late)

I wanted to post these Fourth of July pictures, but they were stuck in my laptop. Finally, fixed the glitch and was able to make a cd and type up over here. Yes, I type better on the other computer. Still getting the hang of a laptop. We actually had a pretty uneventful day on the 4th. BBQ and then Fireworks. We had, originally, put Sebastian to bed before the fireworks. He was still awake, so we retrieved him from bed and went to see the show. We are lucky that we can actually walk up to the park and not have to fight traffic. I am always really happy that is where my house is located when they have park things. After the city show, Tim, Timmy, and Timmy's friend put on their own show. Quite impressive! I think I got some cool shots and I wanted to share them! Oh and in case you can't tell... it was EXTREMELY HOT AND HUMID! They are literally dripping sweat! YUCK!

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