Saturday, July 29, 2006

Next Generation Computer Junkie???

Well, it is NO SECRET to anyone that I am a certified computer junkie. I love email, message boards, online shopping... and the list goes on. I do not know how I survived before the internet. I seemed to have passed that uhhh... gift (addiction) onto my children. Even the little guy is obsessed with the computer. He thinks we got this laptop for him. I LOVE how I can just close it and he can't mess. The desktop computer is a whole other issue. That boy has managed to turn my screen upside down, make the computer talk when you type letters and triple the icons on the desktop. I have had to call Timmy in many times to fix what Sebastian has done to it. I am wondering if is first full sentence will be something like, "Momma, I need to check my email or my MY SPACE account!"


Big O said...

Homeschooling THREE kids??? You must have clones or something :(. Is Tim going to college? Has he always been home schooled? I'm only 22 but I've often thought ahead to maybe having kids some day and thought about homeschooling as a possibility (if my family is in a position to home school of course).

I'd be interested to hear how someone who has been homeschooled finds college.

Sebastian looks like the next great software developer :).

Kari C in FL said...

Well, hi there. To answer some of your questions... Tim hasn't always been homeschooled. He started in 5th grade. He is technically in his senior year now, but we can dual enroll at the community college. He is going to take a class or two there to see how it goes. He is not exactly sure what he wants to do for a career, so we figure he can try a few things out and see how it goes. Lots of homeschoolers get scholarships and get into the big colleges too. It is becoming more mainstream everyday. Savannah has always been homeschooled. It is a challenge, but I really believe it the best choice for our family. You sound like a very interesting young man... I have a single niece in Florida! LOL! Thanks for commenting! I love hearing from people!