Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jack's Big Music Show

From time to time, I have commented on Noggin. It is Preschool on TV. That is their slogan, anyway. I don't watch the news, but I can sing lots of Noggin songs. Sebastian's favorite show is Jack's Big Music Show. I have to admit that I love it too! The songs are not yucky and boring. They are just fun to sing and dance to. My sister had been asking me what to the the kids for their birthdays. At first I told her their birthdays were a long way off. Then, this past week, it occurred to me that they were in 2 months. Not close, but not very far either especially when you take into account being busy with school starting. Savannah had pointed out the Cars birthday stuff awhile back and said she wanted to have a Cars party for Sebastian. Cute, but the boy has not even seen Cars. He loves Jack! He would probably like Jack plates and a Jack and Friends cake. I am not super creative at cakes, but I do buy the little toy figures and then put them on the cakes with other decorations. This sends me on the hunt for Jack's Big Music Show party favors and toys. THEY DO NOT EXIST!!! How can this be? Well, my Google research educated me on the fact that Jack just debuted last fall. He is pretty new. I thought he was just new to us, but apparently he is NEW to everyone. They are filming a second season now and merchandise should be out BEFORE Christmas... does that mean a week before or several months before??? I NEED TO KNOW!!! Yes, I really do realize my little almost 2 year old will not even remember what kind of plates or cake he had. I realize that in the whole realm of things this is not important. BUT... I also realize that I can look at my other kids birthday parties in my scrapbook. I can look at what kind of plates and cake they had and then I instantly remember what they liked and enjoyed when they were that particular age. So, THAT is why I NEED Jack's Big Music Show plates, napkins, cups and TOYS for the top of his cake. I will admit that Sebastian and I prayed that God would get those toy people busy. Is that too shallow of a prayer? I know we need world peace and all that, but this momma of an almost 2 year old needs party stuff!


Anonymous said...

my name is kristy and i am in australia, and we too cannot (2 years down the track) find a single item on jacks big music show, how poor, i hope your now 4 year old(?) had a good birthday..
my 1 year old just adores jack and the gang. just thought i would let you know you are not the only upset parent, many many many people are still searching.... :)

gina said...

i cant believe that im not the only person in this boat. my 21 month old loves the show and i cant find party supplies or xmas toys for him. where is the merchandising? the show is at least 3 yrs old isnt it? they have stuff based on the lame big eyed animal cards dont they?

Tenika Jordan said...

Wow. This is really disheartening. Here it is two years after the last comment, and there still aren't any Jack party supplies out there! I won't even bother to search for stuffed toys.

Get on the ball, Nick Jr.! Kids love this show!

Maryland B.More said...

wow my sons 1st b-day is aug 27th... still no party supplies :(