Sunday, July 02, 2006

Finally, a new post... Vacation Bible School

It has been very busy the last few days and add to that one of those killer sinus headaches and that equals no blogging. The week was busy and fun and exciting and exhausting and, and, and... Savannah was invited to go to Vacation Bible School with my scrapbooking friend's children. I was very excited about this. Several weeks ago, Savannah and her neighborhood friends had a "thing". Not a huge thing, but it is becoming clear they are older than her and playing with them may not be the best option. Being the worryier that I am, I worried. Will my baby girl be "socialized" enough, etc. When you homeschool and don't have several children close in age, this fear can creep in. I found myself praying that God would either fix this situation with neighborhood kids or open up different doors for her to play. The very next day our neighbor had her grandkids visit from Kissimmee. They are about Savannah's age and they homeschool too! They came to the door bright and early and were ready to play. First answer to my prayer. Next, her brownie friend came over to swim with her and the other girls that afternoon. Second answer to my prayer. Next, I went to my scrapbooking night and my friend invited us to VBS. Third answered prayer. It didn't end there... Savannah's has a couple friends from brownies and we have had many playdates the past few weeks with them. I told Tim that I don't understand when I will learn to stop worrying about things and just hand it over. Anyway, back to my original topic, we went to VBS on Monday. She sorta knew a few of the kids and fit right in. It was a busy week for her and she had an absolute blast! There are too many things to choose from because she told me so many things that she had fun doing. That filled her mornings all week and the afternoons were pretty uneventful. We took my niece with us to VBS on Friday morning. I left Sebastian with my mom so I could stay and help out. It was a fun day to end VBS. I was graciously given a VBS t-shirt, so I decided to earn it and made a bazillion water balloons to help out. It really was a lot of fun. I can't say enough good things about the people of this church. They were all so very sweet and kind. We came home and spent a lazy Friday afternoon playing computer games. We had to go back to the church for the VBS show. It was a very cute show and really entertaining. Next up, we went to some friends house to visit with them. I told you we were busy! For some reason my pictures didn't turn out... so don't have any to post, sorry!

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