Monday, July 17, 2006

Do crazy and overwhelmed go hand in hand?

Okay, so I promised some trip reports to be posted this past weekend. Obviously that didn't happen. I was under that mistaken impression that I was Superwoman or something. I have officially gotten back to reality after a week in what might be called an illusion. It was a week of quiet, peace, solitude and sleep. Now I am home and Sebastian is on a napping or any type of bed strike. This from the boy who literally normally LOVES his bed. I really try to keep my blog a happy place, so I will spare you anymore whining and point out the good thing about today. Are you ready? It is really, really exciting! Okay, there were two things... my mom cooked dinner and I just drive over to pick it up - ready to go. That is definately a good thing. That was number one. When I drove over to get it that SLEEP DEPRIVED child screamed quite a bit. The screaming esclalated when he realized Grandma was not returning with us. The number two good thing is I have a car with loud speakers! Yes, I am not above turning the radio up to a decibal louder than my child's fussing. What was the song, you ask? Let's Go Crazy by Prince. I think that song just really suited my day and it took me back to my gym dance routine in 7th grade. That was enough to make me zone out long enough to get home and get screaming child out of his carseat. Tomorrow will be better... tomorrow will be better... Trip report sometime in the next month... Fourth of July photos sometime in the next week...

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