Sunday, July 02, 2006

A visit from family...

Moving on to other highlights to the week... My sister-in-law, Karen, was planning to come visit with her mom. I asked her if she would bring our niece with her. So, my niece arrived on Thursday evening. The girls were busy almost instantly. They swam and played horses and talked almost non-stop. We did the VBS on Friday. Saturday came and I took the girls to Target to find some fun stuff in the $1 section. Have you looked at the $1 section in Target? I love it! They got some water toys for the pool and some jolly ranchers for the movie later. The girls stayed home with Tim and swam while I went to lunch and the scrapbook store with my mom, my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law. I had a lot of fun and got more scrapping stuff to scrap our trip to St. John. Next I took the girls to Taco Bell for dinner and then we met Tim at the movie theater only to find Cars was sold out. We improvised and got ice cream at Stone Cold Creamery and then browsed around Michaels. Tim went home to stay with Sebastian and I took the girls to the 10pm movie! That was late for a busy day, but they really wanted to see it and I just couldn't say no. We got in and got to bed about 1am and that was the end to a perfect visit. They left for SC this morning and I am already thinking I need to figure out when I can get up there for a visit soon. When Debi died I really thought I wouldn't see her kids as much or even know what was going on with them. It is hard enough to lose your best friend, but then to lose the kids you love as well, is just about too much to take. I am so happy that this has not been the case at all. Keith has been so great in keeping us together and Karen has been such an enormous help as well. God always has a plan and His plan for this has been amazing. I am so happy that my niece came to visit us and we got to spend time with her.

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