Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cups, cups, everywhere cups!!!

This morning I was emptying the dishwasher and as I was placing all of Savannah's and Sebastian's cups with lids on the counter - it occurred to me that we seem to have a lot of cups! Granted... Savannah has suddenly decided she needs a DIFFERENT lidded cup for bedtime each night where she used to use the same for a few nights. It is not like it is being drug threw the mud afterall... it sits by her bed all night. Add to that I was gone - and you got SEVEN various bottles or cups stored in her room. All, but 2 of these in the first picture came out of my dishwasher this morning! I was telling my mom this and she kept apologizing. Now, I in no way expected my mom to worry about cups while I was snorkeling in the Carribean. It just got me thinking we sure did have A LOT of cups! So, the first picture is the COVERED cups for the little kids. That doesn't include the regular cups - whole other story there! Let's move on to Tim II and how many cups he has to have too. There are his Chick-Fil-A cups that he doesn't use, but I have to keep because, "Mom, they gave them to me for being there to open the new restaurant!". Then there are his TWO Busch Gardens cups because he had to buy another because he forgot to take the first one he bought - and this was supposed to save him money on refills? He also has his 7-11 cup for refills on the go. Ahhh... and then there is my favorite of his cups... He has his Circus cup that he calls his "Milk cup". He got this when he was 5 and we went to the circus. It had a snowcone in it. He loves this cup and will probably keep it as long as possible. A close second would be his Tweety cup that he uses for Oreos and milk and is slightly protective of.

I have just one cup that I use over and over and over. It is old. It says Nationsbank and that bank isn't even called that anymore. I get irritated when somebody comes by and sticks my cup in the sink because I plan to keep filling it with water all day. It is my water cup and I don't like it when people touch it! Does that make me nit-picky?

Look how neat and clean my cup drawer is now? I really have more cups with lids if you include the Disney cups in the cupboard. I figure if a hurricane is coming for us, I can just fill every single lidded cup with fresh water in preparation. That should give us water for a few days at least! If not a month!

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