Wednesday, August 23, 2006

To have bangs or not have bangs... that IS the question?

I can't remember when Savannah decided she wanted to grow her bangs out. I think it was sometime around Christmas last year. Now, I am not so out of it that I don't know the style is to not have bangs, I guess. I mean none of my nieces have bangs and I knew that. When Savannah was a baby and needed her hair trimmed, I just automatically gave her bangs. I had bangs, so it made sense. My mom liked bangs, I like bangs, shouldn't Savannah like bangs? And so the day came when Savannah realized that most every other girl she knew did not have bangs. She came home and told me, "Mom, Elizabeth has longer bangs that I do... they go down the side of her face. I want mine like that." I cringed! I remember when my niece, Kristine, wanted to grow her bangs out. Her mom sort of cringed too. She bought her some headbands and told her she had to keep her bangs out of her eyes. I took that wisdom and went out and bought headbands. I bought thick ones and thin ones, bright ones and pastel ones, you name it... I bought it. Barrettes don't works so well in her hair because it is really fine. That brings us to this whole last year. There were days when I wanted to grab the scissors and cut those blasted bangs SO BAD! They were always in her face and I could not see those beautiful eyes. I bit my lip and let her grow and grow them. I reminded her, my mom reminded her, my sister reminded her that she NEEDED to keep the "growth in progress bangs" pulled back with a headband. I would say she only listened half the time. Finally, in the last few weeks or so... there has been a sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Her bangs have gotten long enough to part to one side or pull all her hair back in a pony tail. I will take her to get her annual pictures soon and I was thinking I may be able to actually like her hairstyle with no bangs now. THEN... THEN... THEN... she comes to me yesterday morning and says, "Mom, I want to cut my bangs and look like yours again." Just like that! AHHHHHHHH!!! I told her no. She was like why??? I told her I had to think about it. Why do I care? I care because I am so afraid she will get them cut and then a week later decide she wants to grow them out again... Thus beginning the whole long hair in the face trauma again. I CAN'T DO IT!!!! I told her I had to ponder it for awhile. Part of me wants to cut those bangs and do it quick. I really love her with bangs, but I know it is not the exact style all the other girls wear. These are the kind of problems I like to have. They aren't real problems, but they fulfill my life and are what memories are made of. By the way, the pictures below are as follows - Savannah as Cousin It, Savannah will all her hair pulled back in a pony tail after swimming today, Savannah with bangs, and ME when I was little. Those are my parents in there too, my picture is stuck in the frame permanently. So, you get my parents too... cute couple, huh?

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Karen said...

I like bangs too; but then I am by no means an authority on style (just the opposite). I grew my bangs more out of peer pressure than a desire. Everytime, I go to get my haircut, I debate getting bangs again. LOL! Good luck with the decision.